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David Donaldson serves as the President and CEO of ERISA Smart. Previously he was a Senior Investigator for the U.S.Department of Labor's Employee Benefit Security Administration where his responsibilities included conducting and coordinating investigations of major inter-jurisdictional or national employee benefit plans, service providers investment advisors, investment managers and trust departments. In addition,David was responsible for developing and presenting training for other investigators regarding plan investments, investment advisors and conflicts of interest. Prior to his work at the DOL, David worked for some of Wall Street's largest firms managing retirement plans, providing fiduciary guidance, and investment management services. David is a frequent speaker at national events on ERISA and retirement plan best practices. He also is an expert witness and was recognized in 2013 as one of the top 100 most influential people in defined contribution. David's experiences and 17 years of working with retirement plans provide him with a unique perspective unmatched in the industry. 

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Year after year the U.S. Department of Labor Employee Benefit Security Administration finds violations of ERISA in approximately  73% of the plans they investigate. In other words only  25% of plan fiduciaries are found to be compliant by the regulators.

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ERISA SMART, Inc is a firm owned, staffed and managed by former U.S. Department Investigators. Our comprehensive suite of tools and consulting services are designed to assist with overall plan compliance through the implementation of ERISA best practices and expert guidance ..

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