The Plan Administrator ​TM

3(16) Fiduciary

The ERISA SMART Plan Administrator assumes the day to day administration of the plan. Some of these tasks include approving all distributions, approving and filing the plan's form 5500 and other administrative tasks. 

Our Fiduciary Solutions

ERISA SMART Fiduciary Solutions

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Why Outsource?

When you decided to offer a company sponsored retirement, plan did you understand the risk you were taking and the commitment of your company;s human capital it would take to provide plan oversight and management? The day-to-day operation of your plan is a drain on your resources and is not a profit center for your organization

Payroll Integration ​TM

Create a complete 360-degree integration between your company, your payroll provider and the plan's recordkeepers. Reduce the errors and approve the process. 

The Plan Manager ​TM

402(a) Named Fiduciary

The ERISA SMART Plan Manager TM  takes over the management and oversight of your retirement plan.Transfer your fiduciary risk and the time you spend with your retirement plan to a team of ERISA Experts.